Monday, December 24, 2012

Christmas Devotional: Sing the story of Christmas

Songs have a way of telling a story through the rhythm, tempo and nuances of the song. 
The primary songs and Hymns have the words of the scriptures set to music. 
Today we are going to sing the story of Jesus Christ’s birth. 

Prophets prophesied of the Lord Jesus birth
centuries before it came to pass.

Samuel the Lamanite was just one of the many who did so. 
 He also prophesied of signs the people in the new world
would see when Christ was born. Read here.

 Let’s sing about the brave prophet Samuel.

Here are some actions that go to verse 1 & 2
1st Verse
Said Samuel, (Samuel standing on the wall)
Within five years  (hold up 5 fingers)
A night  (sleeping hands under head)
Will be as day (stretch arms like waking up)
And baby Jesus will be born (rock the baby)
In a land far, far away. (place hand on forehead looking into the distance)

2nd Verse
Across the sea in Bethlehem (make waves with your hand)
Lord Jesus came to earth (rock the baby)
As Samuel had prophesied (Samuel standing on the wall)
And angels (flap wings, the ASL sign for angel)
Sang (singing position hands)
His birth (rock the baby)

Shepherds abiding their fields by night
were also given a sign that the baby Jesus was born. 
In Luke 2:8-15 it talks about the angel of the Lord
telling the shepherds to go and see the baby Jesus
wrapped in swaddling clothes lying in a manger
and that a sign (a star) will shine brightly above him

Here is a song that I would like to think the shepherds sang
when they saw the baby Jesus.

What was it like to be born in a stable,
lay in a manger and surrounded by
animals, shepherds and wise men? 
Let sing about Baby Jesus
and his humbling experience in the stable.

We still celebrate with joy and excitement
the birth of our Savior and Lord Jesus Christ. 

He came to earth
as a baby,
became a teacher,

a friend

our brother

and through the atonement
the Savior of the World.

Listen to the bells toll around the world celebrating Christmas Day.

Have the children ring bells during the song.

Have a very Merry Christmas
from me to you and your family.

All pictures, songs and scriptures courtesy of LDS.Org.

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