Tuesday, August 14, 2012

The Primary Olympics

Did you get into the Olympic Spirit this summer?
I sure did and wanted to bring it into Singing Time
So I came up with a new group event called

Olympic Singing

This is how it works.

Choose three judges (I chose adults who are not usually seen in primary)
Give the judges three score cards and the rules for a perfect score. 

To get three smiley faces everyone must:
1. Sing with their best voices
2. Stand still (not bother their neighbor or wave their arms around etc)
3. Follow me (the song leader).

Sing the song then the judges will give the score, if the primary gets 3 smiley faces we get to sing a primary anthem (wiggle song) for Jr. Primary & (song of choice) for Sr. Primary.  They must sing the song until they get 3 smiley faces to move onto the next song.  I used songs will be singing for the Primary Program but any primary song you are working on will do.

Olympic Singing
1. As a Child of God verses 1,2 & 3    2012 Sharing Time Outline                                                               
2. Nephi’s Courage verse1&3  120
3. Choose the Right Way verses 1&2     160     
4. I Pledge Myself to Love The Right     161

Primary Anthems
1. Popcorn Popping     242
2. Head Shoulders Knees and Toes     275
3. The Wise Man and the Foolish Man       281
4. My Hands    273

We only had time for two songs and two Primary Anthems.

Olympic Singing
What Comes Next?
I wanted to test how well the children knew the words to the songs in this event.

I used two different methods one for Jr. Primary and one for Sr. Primary

I make flip chart/posters to teach the children during the year.
For Jr. Primary display the posters in order on the board or the floor.
Then choose a child to come up and hold the sword of righteousness (made from cardboard)
The children sing and the pianist will stop playing when she pleases. 
The child must point the sword to the next picture or word. 
Continue singing until the end of the song, repeating the game. 
When they reach the end of the song choose a wiggle song to sing for a reward.

For Sr. Primary play Girls vs Boys.  Choose one girl and one boy to hold a fly swatter each.  Sing the song, when the music stops, have them swat the fly/moth with the next word on it.  Keep a tally for the Girl & Boy wins.  Have them hand off the fly swatters to the next players.  Play the game for 7 minutes.  At the  end of 7 minutes the group with the most tally marks chooses a favorite song.  If it is a tie (as is was in our primary) the music leader chooses the song. 

1. Choose the Right   239 Hymn
2. When I am Baptized 103

I made a fly with each word for Choose the Right and glued them on a piece of poster paper

I made a moth for each word in When I am Baptized
and glued them on the other side of the poster paper

Close up view