Sunday, September 23, 2012

The Commandments

Listen to the song

Thou shalt have no gods but Me.
The 1st Commandment. 

Be fore no idols bow thy knee.
The 2nd Commandment 

Take not the name of God in vain. 
The 3rd Commandment 

Do not the Sabbath day profane. 
The 4th Commandment 

Honor thy parents all thy days.
The 5th Commandment  

Take not life in wanton ways.
The 6th Commandment

Be faithful in the marriage trust. 
The 7th Commandment

And never steal or be unjust. 
The 8th Commandment

Always tell the truth and love it. 
The 9th Commandment

What is thy neighbors do not covet.
The 10th Commandment  

And the greatest commandments of all.
With all thy heart, love God above;
The 1st of the greatest Commandments

And as thyself thy neighbor love.

The 2nd of the greatest Commandments
Matthew 22:39

Monday, September 17, 2012

Primary Presentation 2012

We just had our Primary Presentation for Sacrament Meeting yesterday.
The kids have worked so hard all year to learn and love the songs
and it showed, they sang with confidence and with heart.

We had three special musical additions to our program
The first addition was myself, along with the Shumway girls sang
I Have Faith (in the Lord Jesus Christ) as the sunbeams came up to the stand. 

Then the CTR 7 class (the ones who are at the age of baptism this year,
sang the first and second verse of
When I am Baptized with the whole primary coming in on the chorus.

Then we finished the program with the hymn Choose the Right
The primary sang the first verse,
Sister Cox (age 9) played a descant I wrote for her on the organ
for the second verse and the primary came in on the chorus,
then the congregation joined for the third verse.

The kids did such a good job, it was so fun to pass out the
 Olympic Singing Medals I made for them during singing time.

I love teaching primary music, it is the best calling ever.

Tuesday, September 4, 2012

DIY CTR Medals

In singing time I went with the olympic theme
for reviewing songs for the Primary Program in two weeks. 
I made my own CTR Medals
to give to the kids after the Chapel Practice on the 15th.

This is how I did it.
Supplies: Air Dry Clay, Pint Jar Ring,
Alphabet Stone Stamps, Award Plaque, Gold Spray Paint.

Step 1. Roll out the clay to an 1/8 inch thickness
Step 2.  Punch out disks with the Pint Jar Ring
Step 3.  Use plaque to press leaf impression on outside of ring
Step 4: Stamp CTR in the center if the disk
Step 5:  Insert Split Ring half way into clay
Step 6: Let dry overnight, turn over and dry the backside all day.
(If the split rings are loose, secure with elmers glue and allow to dry for 1 hour.)

Step 7:  Lay all the dry disks on paper (I used an old wrapping paper roll)
Step 8: Spray with gold spray paint (in a well ventilated area)
Let dry for 1 hour, turn disks over and repeat on the back side.

Step 9: When dry, thread ribbon (cut in 1 yard length) through the split ring.

Finished CTR Medals.

I can't wait to give these to the kids,
they have worked so hard and the songs sound great.
I hope it will be a good surprise for them.