Sunday, April 29, 2012

Boys Vs. Girls - I Often Go Walking

Today, I taught the Primary Kids how to sing
I Often Go Walking pg 206 PCSB

I wanted to make sure they would
remember the words really well for Mother's Day
especially since we have stake conference next week
and this would be our only week to practice.

I wrote code words on the board, so they
could remember the order of the lines in verse one.
Clover        Blue
Over          You

I sang the song through one time for them, pointing to the code words.
I often go walking in meadows of CLOVER
and I gather armfuls of blossoms of BLUE
I gather the blossoms the whole meadow OVER
Dear Mother, all flowers remind me of YOU

Then I called for one Girl volunteer and one Boy volunteer
I had the Girl and the Boy stand next to each other
When I place my hand above the Girl's head, the girls sing
When I place my hand above the Boy's head, the boys sing
When I place my hands above
both of their heads at the same time, everyone sings
When I don't place any hands above their heads the Adults sing.

They of course were competitive, but in a friendly way
and learned the song quickly.

Then I mixed it up a little bit. 
I called 3 or 4 Girl volunteers and
3 or 4 Boy volunteers to act out each line. 
The Girl's acted out Clover (walking) and Over (Gather Armfuls) 
The Boy's acted out Blue (pick flowers and put in basket)
and You (Remember point to temple and then point to Mom)

When the Girl's were acting, all the girls sang
When the Boy's were acting, all the boys sang
Then I called for more volunteers and switched them to

Boys: Clover and Over
Girls: Blue and You

At the end with just a minute or two left,
 I asked everyone to imagine themselves sitting in a field of tall grass
(this takes a lot of imagination when you live in the desert)
 and how you can feel the gentle breeze rolling over the grass. 
I want them to sing like that gentle rolling breeze
and think of how much they love their mothers.

 We turned out the lights and played a slideshow on the TV while the kids sang.

Clover Field  courtesy

Blossoms of Blue courtesy

Meadow of Flowers courtesy

A Boy Hugging His Mom with Flowers courtesy

 It was beautiful and brought the spirit to the end of singing time.

Sunday, April 22, 2012

Choose the Right Way - Verse 2

Today we are going to be missionaries in training. 
We are going to learn about the basic gospel principles
that we will live by and teach in the mission field.

Sing: Through the gospel I learn to be prayerful
To have faith, to repent, to obey!
And I know if I live by his teachings
I will truly be happy each day.

Divide children into 4 groups.
Each group will learn one line in the 2nd verse
and share it what they learned about it.
Sing: Through the gospel I learn to be prayerful
The first thing a stalwart missionary will do is pray.
 Pray for help, pray for guidance, pray for others and be prayerful at all times.
D&C 19:38
D&C 25:12
Sing: To have faith, to repent, to obey!
4th Article of Faith
When you knock on someone’s door, the first question you might ask is
Do you believe in God?
When you ask this question you are establishing if they have faith.
The next question may be to repent of sins.
Then to obey the commandments and laws and ordinances of the gospel
3rd Article of Faith
Sing: And I know if I live by his teachings
What are Christ’s teachings?
Three main teachings came to my mind
Love one another – John 15:12-13
Do the Lord’s will
Come Follow me
Sing: I will truly be happy each day.
If we are prayerful have faith, repent, obey the commandments and follow Jesus Christ, we will feel the happiness and joy he promises.  The Holy Ghost will bring peace unto our souls.
John 15 – Law of Love
Sing 2nd verse 3 x’s or as time allows.


Sunday, April 15, 2012

Choose the Right Way - Verse 1

Sing the first verse for the children

There's a right way to live and be happy
It is choosing the right everyday.
I am learning the teachings of Jesus
They will help me and show me the way

Choose the right way, and be happy
I must always choose the right.

Then tell the children that you will ask some questions
and that they should listen to find the answers in the song.

 1.  If we live the right way, why would it make us happy?
 2. What does living the right way mean?

Sing the whole first verse, tell them to listen carefully, then ask for answers.

Teach them the first line of the song
There's a right way to live and be happy
It is choosing the right everyday.

Ask the next set of questions:

Is it possible to choose the right every time, everyday? 
Is it easy to choose the right?
Who chose the right everyday?

Sing the whole first verse, then ask for answers

Teach the next line in the song
I am learning the teachings of Jesus

Ask: How will learning about the teachings of Jesus help me make good choices?

Sing the whole first verse, then ask for answers.

Then teach the last line of the first verse
They will help me and show me the way

Sing the whole first verse and chorus together 3 x's.

Saturday, April 7, 2012

Easter Flowers - Choose the Right Way (Chorus)

I did this service project last year with the primary kids and thought I would do it again this year.

It works with any song especially the chorus.  I happen to be teaching Choose the Right Way this month and I will be teaching just the chorus on Easter Sunday.
White Daisies

Food Coloring
Large Pitcher of Water
5 Tall Glasses or 1 glass per color
Tray to catch water and food coloring
White Flowers such as daisies, carnations or tulips
Vase for flowers
Easter eggs
Basket for eggs

Tell the Children: We are going to choose the right by serving others with our singing today. 
We are going to make these white flowers turn as bright with color as your singing and then give them to _________________ Families to brighten their day after church.

Choose The    160
Right Way

Ask: What kind of resources do we have to help us make good choices everyday?

Fill Easter eggs with the answers.  Hand them out to reverent children or 2 eggs per class.
Ask the children with a particular color of egg to come up and share their answers.

Scripture Study
Holy Ghost
Listen to and follow the Prophet’s council
Word of Wisdom
Family Proclamation to the world
My Gospel Standards
Ten Commandments
Parents and Family
For the Strength of Youth pamphlet
Gaining and strengthening testimony
13 Articles of Faith
Attending Church especially Sacrament Meeting
to renew our baptismal covenants, church magazines
Jesus is our perfect example and we should emulate him
Plan of Happiness

Then sing the chorus while putting food dye in the
glass to color the flowers. 
The better they sing the more dye you put in. 
Watch the flowers change colors.

Choose the right way
And be happy
I must always choose the right.