Sunday, January 20, 2013

I Am a Child of God - verse 3

Do you know what a blessing is?
Are blessings only big miraculous events? No
No matter how big or small, a blessing is anything that is good.
Let’s sing the third verse.
I am a child of God
Rich blessings are in store
if I but learn to do his will
I''ll live with him once more.

What is a rich blessing?

Jesus preached the Sermon on the Mount, and in the Sermon on the Mount he taught the Beatitudes.
The beatitudes teach us how do his will and to recieve those rich blessings.

Musical Scripture Chase
Sing the 3rd verse while finding the scripture. 
Have them stand up when they have found the answer.  
Have them say the answer all together. 

Give the commandment and have them find the blessing.
Help the children to find Matthew chapter 5 before you start.

Matt 5:3
Commandment: Poor in spirit 
Blessing: Kingdom of Heaven

Matt 5:4
Commandment:They that mourn 
Blessing: Will be comforted

Matt 5:5
Commandment: Meek
Blessing: Inherit the earth

Matt 5:6
Commandment: Hunger/Thirst after righteousness
Blessing: Filled

Matt 5:7
Commandment: Merciful 
Blessing: Mercy

Matt 5:8
Commandment: Pure in heart
Blessing: See God

Matt 5:9 
Commandment: Peacemakers
Blessing: Children of God

Matt 5:10
Commandment:Persecuted for righteousness sake 
Blessing: Kingdom of Heaven

Read Matt 5:14 -16 
The light of Christ will shine in you and others will notice

Story of Missionaries who went to musical performance and everyone felt them come in.

Sunday, January 13, 2013

I am a Child of God - Verse 2

For this week I am not sure how many children in my Primary know the 2nd verse, so I want to make sure we sing it enough times for them to remember it.

Attention activity: 
(you can come up with your own ideas depending on the abilities of the children in your primary)

Stand up and stay standing if:
  1. You know how to tie your shoes or braid someone else’s hair.
  2. You know how to ride a bike without training wheels or you know how to make your own pinewood derby car.
  3. You know who your Great Grandmother is.
  4. You ate breakfast this morning.
  5. You said “I love you” to someone today or gave someone a hug.
  6. You are a Child of God.

We all have different abilities and learn in different ways, but the one thing we have in common is that we are a Child of God.

Let’s learn the second verse of I am a child of God.

Display the word cards on the board for the second verse only.

Sing the 2nd verse and Chorus a couple of times while having the children lead with you.

For Jr. Primary have children come and remove some of the words and sing again.  Do this until all the words have been removed and the children are singing from memory.

For Sr. Primary, have one class come up at a time, mix up the words and have them put the words back in order before we finish singing the song.

Sunday, January 6, 2013

I am a Child of God - Introduction

I wanted to come up with a way for the children to be active in learning "I Am a Child of  God" 1 verse at a time without losing interest because they have heard it many times before.  So this is what I came up with.

Have the children listen to the song first, just the music. 

Ask the children to stand up if they have heard the song before. (the majority of the children should stand up)

Have them remain standing

Jr. Primary: teach the children what pitch leading is.  Have the children pitch lead with their bodies as the song is played.  Then add the words and let the children pitch lead with their bodies while they sing.
Work on just the first verse today.

Sr. Primary: Teach the children how to lead 4/4 time.  Play just the music without the words and let the children practice leading the song.  Call up 3 volunteers to lead the music, let the three children lead as fast or as slow as they would like.  Emphasize how confusing it is when there is more than one leader. Explain why we only have one leader and why it is important to follow the leader to sing in unison.  Then add the words and let the children lead while they sing.  Work on just the first verse today.

Show the “I Am a Child of God ” youtube video from the website.

Bear testimony that we are all children of our heavenly father no matter how young or young at heart we may be, we each have our own talents and abilities to share with others.  We can be an example to our friends and show them that they, are a child of God, too.