Thursday, July 5, 2012

Nephi's Courage

Nephi’s Courage   120

We can have courage like Nephi to go and do
the thing the Lord commands.
Practice singing the third verse

Get 8 volunteers
Use Nephi & Laman and Lemuel  Image to cut out and glue a stick on the back
 and the pictures from the Friend

Call 8 Volunteers to hold the pictures (one each) in the front of the room.

Have the children sing with courage
if the picture is something Nephi would do.
Hold  the Nephi Prop above their head

Have the children sing like murmuring
if the picture is something Laman and Lamuel would do. 
Hold  the Laman and Lemuel Prop above their head.

Nephi’s Courage Card Singing Game


Murmur Card – Sing all verses
Nephi Card – Just the chorus – or third verse
Laman and Lemuel – First or second verse indicated on card
Golden Plates – First verse
Boat - 2nd Verse

Sing just the first verse
Just as Nephi trusted in his earthly father Lehi,
you need to trust your mother and father
and follow their guidance as they fallow the savior.

Sing the second verse
When Nephi was commanded to build a boat, he needed a lot of help. 
When we are asked to do hard things,
we can go to our Heavenly Father in prayer and
he will help us to do what he has asked of us.

Sing first and second verse
Just like Nephi couldn’t build his ship all alone,
we need to surround ourselves with good friends
and rely on our family to help us in our hard times.

Sing the third verse
One of the best things we can do to be like Nephi is to be obedient! 
When he found out what the Lord wanted him to do
He Did It!

Sing all the verses
We can’t be like Nephi unless we know what he did! 
We need to study our scriptures and learn from the prophets of old,
 the Book of Mormon is one of our greatest tools.

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